Office and Event Massage

Health and wellbeing at the company always pay off

Office massages are a vital element of a company’s occupational health and safety program that provide great benefits to both employer and employee. You can make a significant, targeted contribution to the health of your staff, customers or business partners. In turn, your company stays healthy, dynamic and active in the long term, with a team of content and motivated employees.

For guests, business partners or your own team: a brief but effective event massage relaxes and sets the perfect tone for a successful event.

An event massage offering will not only help people relax but also leave a lasting impression.

The human and economic benefits:

  • Lower sick rates due to effective prevention
  • Reduction of stress level
  • Content, relaxed and motivated employees
  • Greater ability and willingness to deliver peak performance
  • Good communication, strong team spirit
  • Greater identification with the company
  • Positive work atmosphere
  • Work-life balance

Support / §20 and §20a SGB V
Each employer in Germany may apply an annual amount of 500 euros maximum not subject to tax and social security per employee. This amount is effected like a regular cost position, i.e. it reduces the taxable income. It may be posted as a tax-free element of the employee’s remuneration. The tax allowance per employee is based on Para. 3.34 EStG and Para. 52.4(c) EStG in conjunction with the new regulations of the Annual Tax Act 2009 of 19 December 2008 BGBl (page 2,794).

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