Since restrictions are expected to extend well into 2021, I have decided to close my massage school until further notice.

Massage School

For small groups of max. four participants

To ensure well-founded and high-quality training courses and seminars, I teach only small groups of up to four participants. This allows me to cater to people’s individual demands and take the time to provide in-depth answers to any questions that may arise. Consequently, you can develop your very own massage style – and I will help you to perfect it.

My training courses are fully geared toward the practical application of what you learn. In other words: as much theory as needed, as much practice as possible. The theory elements are limited to the essential to provide you with all you need to know in as little time as possible for you to work professionally and confidently. In practice, movements are repeated as often as required to give you the necessary assurance in giving the massage and following the structure.

I also optimize participants’ posture during a massage so that you will be able to work ergonomically on a sustained basis.

My training courses are aimed at

  • young professionals / career changers
  • experienced massage therapists
  • medical therapists
  • alternative practitioner
  • spa staff
  • yoga teachers
  • personal trainers
  • cosmeticians
  • people who are interested in and enjoy giving massages

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