Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Very gentle, rhythmic strokes
  • In cases of edemas and swellings
  • Drains the tissue

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is an advanced massage therapy. It relieves fluid congestion in the tissue (edema) by mobilizing the functioning of the lymphatic vessels and by redirecting the accumulated fluid back into the blood circulation. Swelling subsides and the tissue becomes looser, promoting increased mobility.

The aim of the treatment is to mobilize the debilitated pumping function of the vascular system which, in turn, decongests swollen tissue. Gentle and rhythmic movements and strokes in direction of the lymph flow facilitate the accumulated fluid to move away from the swollen area.

  • 45 min. 65 €
  • 60 min. 85 €
  • 90 min. 120 €

+ 5 € for appointments before 09.00 am, after 7.30 pm, on weekends and outside of Frankfurt am main

12er card

For those who want to achieve a positive change in long term in their well-being, I offer the 12er card at a discounted price

You will receive 12 seperated voucher that are not personalized and can be used flexible!

  • 12 x 60 min. 945 €
  • 12 x 90 min. 1.340 €

(12 seperated voucher, used flexible)

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