Strong back – Strong performance

My massages can help your company by providing your team with effective relaxation and physical strain relief. Everyday stress is reduced and focus, performance and motivation are strengthened. An office massage can prevent or treat tension and pain issues. Relaxation has a positive effect on heartrate, breathing and blood pressure.

Each industry has its own physical and psychological challenges and brings about different strains. My massage concepts consider the specific requirements of your industry and its particularities.

Office massage on the massage chair

An office massage can be given anywhere – without the need to undress or apply oil. Thanks to specific techniques, the massage on the massage chair quickly leads to positive results. Back, neck and shoulder pain can be treated effectively.

Stress, pressure and pain subside, allowing employees to refocus on what really matters.

  • 60 min. 85 €

Office massage on the massage table

Depending on the required outcome, I apply various techniques to meet individual demands. Thanks to this effective treatment system, physical and psychological tensions can be released and fresh energy activated.

The oils are completely and quickly absorbed by the skin so that people can dress again immediately after the massage.

  • 60 min. 85 €

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